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How to create a Facebook page for a Nonprofit

Were you asked to create a Facebook page for your nonprofit or for one of its programs? Here’s a how-to in five steps:

If your non-profit doesn’t have a page on Facebook, you’re mising opportunities to reach new people and educate about your issue.


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Facebook, Nonprofits, and ROI

Nonprofit organizations should use all “free” tools for promoting the organization.  Though you don’t have to pay to create a fan page on Facebook, it does take staff and/or volunteer time to create and monitor the page and that is time not being spent on something else.

I suggest reading a blog post, “Four Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Reconsider Facebook,”  at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 that discusses why you should weigh the time spent on Facebook (in particular).  The idea of considering time spent on social media and “free” tools is worth evaluating periodically.


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Louisiana Wildlife Federation on Facebook

Louisiana Wildlife Federation

Promote Your Page Too

I created a Facebook page for (more…)

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How Can Web 2.0 work for Nonprofits?

What is Web 2.0?  It’s the second generation of internet tools that facilitate interactive communication.  It’s about collaboration and information sharing: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr.  Lists and bookmarking sites.  All nonprofits need to have an online presence but simply maintaining a website is one-way communication.  Social media is networking — two-way communication.  (more…)

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Louisiana Envirothon

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Acadiana RC&D Council on Facebook

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Taking Ideas Into Action

Miradelta Consulting specializes in capacity-building services for nonprofit organizations. We can help your organization expand through new program development, project management, fundraising and outreach planning.


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